Truterra, LLC

Arden Hills, MN

ACWA associate member Truterra is a division of Land O’ Lakes, Inc. that focuses on agriculture sustainability. Iowa farmers may have known it previously as SUSTAIN, managed by United Suppliers until Land O’ Lakes’s acquisition in 2016.


Based in Minnesota, Truterra works through Land O’ Lakes ag retailers to help farmers to improve soil health in Iowa and the Midwest. It was built on the mission to implement changes in farming practices for cleaner water and healthier soil while providing a strong return on investment for farmers and landowners. This mission is directly aligned with ACWA, making their associate membership a great fit.


Truterra offers several ways to help farmers implement sustainable production practices, including nitrogen use efficiency and cost-share opportunities for new practices and new ecosystem service markets such as carbon and water quality. Its sustainability tool is an interactive, digital program that identifies combinations of conservation farming practices for maximum ROI, helping producers see how their investment will work before committing to changes.


In addition to ACWA, Truterra works with several Midwestern and national organizations in the name of sustainability on the land. Being a member of ACWA helps Truterra accurately represent the interests of its ag retailers and customers. ACWA partners with farmers and municipalities to work toward cleaner water solutions, directly supporting Truterra’s mission. Together, Truterra and ACWA strive to inform citizens of how the agriculture industry is continually improving farm management practices for healthier soil and cleaner water for all.