New ACWA Associate Member, the Mosaic Company has a rich history of more than 100 years of phosphate mining in Florida and 50 years of potash mining in Canada. The international company was incorporated in 2004 through a merger between IMC Global and Cargill fertilizer.
Mosaic manufactures and markets phosphorus and potassium fertilizer products wholesale to ag retailers across Iowa.

The Mosaic Company joined ACWA in 2023, as their company philosophy aligns with ACWA’s, supporting nutrient stewardship across Iowa, as well as other key watersheds in North America. They are a leader in 4R Nutrient Stewardship, supporting ag retailers in integrating science-based practices to reduce nutrient losses into waterbodies. Through their company’s 4R strategy, they support organizations like ACWA to increase technical and financial assistance to farmers who are using systems that improve water quality.

In 2023, Mosaic is launching biologicals in addition to their commercial fertilizers and performance products under advanced balanced crop nutrition, maximizing crop yields while harnessing soil microbiome to assist with increasing nutrient use efficiency.

The people at Mosaic work hand-in-hand with their partners and other stakeholders on efforts to reduce nutrient losses on the land. Mosaic leaders see that ACWA is a unique organization where their ag retailer members are driving the effort for improved water quality, which fits
well with the company’s strategy.

Since Mosaic was formed, it has been partnering with ag retailers and conservation organizations like ACWA, helping to implement on-the-ground assistance to farmers. The company also supports state agribusiness associations that provide science-based information
to retailers who help farmers adopt conservation farming practices. Currently, Mosaic partners with 12 organization implementing 15 projects across North America. Through this outreach, Mosaic is validating more than 13 million acres with applied 4R practices.

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