Central Valley Ag

Central Valley Ag

York, Nebraska

Central Valley Ag (CVA), formed in 2003 by three Nebraska cooperatives, joined ACWA in 2023. It has since unified several cooperatives in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. In Iowa, CVA serves farmers in northwest Iowa with locations in Akron, Le Mars, Oyens and Hinton.

The cooperative offers products and services in grain, feed, energy, and agronomy, as well as services that support agriculture sustainability. These programs including advanced cropping systems, soil sampling for nutrient analysis, carbon credits, and grain premiums for sustainability practices and organic farming.

The CVA team sees both needs and opportunities for their customers when considering implementation of conservation agricultural practices. Their member-owners need to ensure soil health and water quality for future generations while keeping in mind the opportunities to increase yields and reducing inputs for optimum profitability. In addition to a full team of agronomists, two conservation agronomists are on staff to help producers make the best decisions for their operations.

CVA and ACWA align in their goals of helping farmers improve their agronomic performance and environmental improvement efforts. CVA leaders believe that farmers and landowners need to consider how they manage nitrogen and other nutrients today to protect groundwater in the future. Their agronomists can help make management choices for this goal.

Although most of CVA locations are in Nebraska and Kansas, cooperative leaders know that what happens on fields in these states affects those downstream from Iowa and beyond. As CVA grows its presence in Iowa, the co-op’s leaders hope to reflect ACWA’s efforts to compel farmers and landowners to implement practices that improve soil and water quality for all citizens.