Iowa Corn Growers Association

Johnston, IA

The Iowa Corn Growers Association is the country’s oldest and largest corn growers’ organization. Created from a statewide grassroots effort, ICGA was formed in 1967 with the distinct purpose of serving as the collective voice for its over 7,000 Iowa corn farmer members, lobbying on ag issues at the state and federal levels. Iowa law was passed in 1977, establishing the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and the ability to have a referendum vote on a corn checkoff.


The ICGA works with farmers across the state in nine crop-reporting districts. Through its efforts, they work together with the National Corn Growers Association and its 50 affiliated state associations and checkoff organizations.


The Iowa Corn Growers Association joined ACWA in 2021 as an associate member and is excited about the opportunity to continue learning and being involved in the organization. Water quality is tremendously important to Iowa corn farmers, and being a part of ACWA allows ICGA to encourage adopting new practices that promote sustainability and conservation. When Iowa citizens drink tap water, they trust farmers who take extreme measures to protect Iowa’s water supply. Being part of organizations like ACWA allows Iowa’s corn farmers to have access to more resources that support improved water quality. As a new ACWA partner, ICGA leaders continue to learn their role in the organization and how the groups can benefit one another.


The Iowa Corn Growers Association promotes adopting practices that improve water quality and environmental stewardship. The association works to accelerate the adoption of water quality practices through the Iowa Ag Water Alliance and measures progress on adopting those practices through the Iowa Nutrient Research and Education Council. Through this research, ICGA strives to further its knowledge as well as develop and license patented technology to improve nitrogen use efficiency.


ICGA leaders are strongly committed to furthering their involvement in innovative and continuous water quality improvement. They share the water quality message and the practices farmers can adopt for water quality improvement with their employees and directors to relay to ICGA farmer members. ICGA’s partnership with ACWA illustrates the value of working together on behalf of Iowans to support water quality.